To see some samples of stock images that have been used you can download this zipfile.

You can also look at the published pictures page of, although these are mostly images shot on assignment. To go directly to this page click here:
Samples of used images
We do not try to collect all published photos. A lot of material is sold by photo stock agencies so we will never see the actual usage of the sold image.

It is impossible to put all the results of printed published photos on this website because most of the Wilmar photos are sold through Photo Stock agencies. Wilmar works together with some of the leading photo stock agencies, through these companies and this website the photos are distributed worldwide.

His photos have been used for production of travel brochures/guides, newspapers, direct mail/brochures, retail books/magazines, advertisments, posters, education magazines, promotional brochures and leaflets, promo envelopes, websites, phonecards and postcards. :

Wilmar Dik of the Netherlands is in the business of producing inspiring travel images from around the world. With images from countries like Australia, Egypt, France, Iran, Thailand, and many other countries, Wilmar has amassed quite a collection of stock images from around the globe.
One aspect we found among many of Wilmar's images is his unique use of lighting. Within several of Wilmar's images, we found strong backlighting, which is quite unique. While many photographers are not privy to attempting to use lighting in this context, Wilmar does it often, and he does it well.
You will see a few images within his Profotos portfolio. Along with his unique use of this lighting style, Wilmar also does an excellent job at capturing the essence of the culture and place he is in. Documenting the world is one matter, but it is far more difficult to add the "sense of place" to images, as Wilmar does. Great work indeed! ”

The biggest Award Wilmar gets are the compliments from visitors, the number of visitors on this website (between 800-1400 unique visitors a day) and the fact that the imagery gets sold.

Over the last years Wilmar did not get any Awards. Reason for this is that he did not enter any competitions.

The drawback of entering competitions is that it costs time, dollars, pounds or Euro's and most of the time you give the organisers (and there sponsers) the right to use the photo's for free. As Wilmar is a professional photographer he needs to get paid for the usage of his material instead of putting time and effort to have a small change of winning something like an award, a 500 euro worth camera or holiday.

Travel Stock Photography by Travel photographer Wilmar
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