Dutch photographer Wilmar Dik showing Travel photography

Dutch photographer Wilmar Dik showing his travel photography created between 1994 and 2020. He is based in The Hague, The Netherlands. Wilmar Dik (1973) is a professional Dutch photographer since 2008. He started with travel photography in 1994.

Wilmar sees the lighting and movement of nature, people, and cities. With the creative use of shutter speed,  he strives to capture the beauty of this motion and light in his photos in a way that is on the one hand true to nature and on the other creates a surrealistic effect. His style is further characterized by his unconventional choices for angles and lines that always result in a straight composition but not always in the way that the viewer expects.

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On this site you’ll find the travel photography shot by Dutch photographer Wilmar. He has more sites showing his work: Corporate photography: Reclamebeeld.nl, photographic style: WilmarDik.nl and for portraits shot by Wilmar please have  a look at portrait photography: Mensen.photo.